About the community

The community openly encourages members to leave links to their work and to publicly share their colleague’s work which will benefit our community as a whole. We work on a quid pro quo format so if you wish to join us simply post, let me know, and, I’ll set you your own Blog up on this site. Our main goal is to build this community up into a thriving industrial hub of altruistical activity. I’m also searching for talented authors, writers, artists and musicians to be Interviewed and featured on my huge wordpress-blog, too. These Interviews are heavily promoted by me to my 260,000+ twitter followers, and, are sometimes retweeted via the twitter social media tweet share button 1,000+ times tweeting news of the Interview out to millions of potential readers. The one spec for the Interview is that the author has a you-tube video of superior quality similar to my book promotion trailer below. My contact e-mail address can be found via Cap’n Joe’s Blog link at the end of this introductory. #Spam is not tolerated: CULPRITS WILL BE ERADICATED FROM OUR SITE


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