Option Review- “The End of Humanity”



If you would like to read my book “The End of Humanity” and provide me your honest review and opinion of the story please contact me at the email address provided under the book and I will send you an Adobe .pdf that you can read on most readers, computers and smartphones.

Coleman Weeks

Sputtering to rise, the world took a spin as life stirred and yawned to end it’s slumber of waiting to begin.

The Sun grinned a wise smile, knowing the mission, Sun understood all would wait for single-cell fission.

God laughed and smacked his son Jesus’ knee, sharing his glee that it would not be long until Humanity.

Jesus smiled and with a wink rubbed his chin, watching from the future they both knew what fixed to begin.

The wind-swept planet stirred some rust dust, many eons passed before the monkey’s evolution was discussed.

Both silver-blue cool and yellow-orange hot, the Earth’s light steadily nurtured Humanity a special homey spot.

After some time, the earth’s plates gyrated as mountains birthed valleys and streams cut rivers unabated.

God and his son smiled while angels applauded, the blue seas twinkled as they rolled and yawed.

Adam and Eve propagated, then Abraham trekked as milk and honey baited.

Noah and his critter-filled ark floated and Joseph toiled, colorfully coated.

The tribes aged 50 generations with his wise rations so Moses could fight the Pharaoh with his army of nations.

John baptized as Jesus chastised, waiting to suffer humanity’s pain to purge evil from their brain.

Jewish Christians missioned a journey- apostle led to Roman tyranny.

Nero flamed then fiddled and blamed, many rulers turned away blind-eyed until Charlemagne cried.

Popes took charge with errors looming large, all for goodness sake forgetting to give Muslims a break.

Humanity’s evil still had a twitch, the armies marched, scratching an itch, to fight to the death with a fevered pitch.

Humanity’s life-long fight on Earth began way back in the days of Clovis, a grudge to end all the evil times and so many of us.

Love spurned by all as Jesus waited, heroically through to modern times, he even throttled some war crimes.

In the end was it all for naught, or was the end truly Humanity’s start?

This is the question that drove me to write this book about The End of Humanity. Many diverse perspectives give multiple definition to Humanity’s earth- bound plight. This is my perspective which will please few, but hopefully stir consideration in all. Please enjoy ”The End of Humanity” as much as I did.

Author Interview:

I spent the majority of my life in the Southwest Florida counties of Lee and Collier. My ancestors helped settle Florida and I grew up outdoors hunting, fishing, swimming, playing or spending time on construction sites working with my Father. I have been married since I was a teenager and a father as well. Today My wife of over thirty years Lori, and I have four grown children and 13 grandchildren.

I bond with my characters, but it is not dominating to my next story. I could not help myself from enjoying my characters as many of them share traits with my loved ones and friends. It is part of my creative process to consider if someone famous or a person I am familiar with would act or look like I need that character to look

Do you provide your own proofing and grammatical finishing work?

At this time I do, unless someone else is publishing.

Do you have friends or family that is supportive of your work and pastime or does it cause friction?

My wife is supportive and it causes friction. writing seems to take up more of my time and interest which does get on Lori’s nerves.

What does being an author do for you?

It keeps my mind active and grows my knowledge. As my writing improves so does my ability to research. New information and technologies keep me on my toes.

What is your writing procedure, do you go to a cave for solace and quiet?

I do go in my cave so to speak. I turn the music down to barely audible and lose the hours in my work.

Do you have anyone who reads your work to critique before you publish?

I belong to an excellent author’s group and sometimes I blog my books as I compose them which makes all the excerpts available to the readers.

Do you have any hobbies?

Read and write, cook and eat.

What is your newest book’s title?

There are two, “Jungle Heat” and “The Emporium” both fictional.

Who sells your books and which retailer does the best for you?

I use the Author Services of Booktango and Amazon KDP publish and MARSocial is currently publishing a book “Crackertails” in segments.




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